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Process of Assessment

A student is required to cover the minimum of 03 months of training in the fourth year in order to complete the component of internship. The following Evaluation criteria will be used for assessing students’ performance in the training programme.

1. Assessment by the Company Supervisor   
Confidential Progress Report from Company Supervisor (Performance of the Intern)  30%
2. Assessment by the Department   
Internship Record Book 10% 
Internship Report   30%
Internship Oral Presentation  30%


Confidential Progress Report from Company Supervisor

Confidential Progress Reports from company supervisors will be obtained by the Internship coordinator at the end of the training period. This report will be given to the Coordinator for the purpose of assess the performance of the intern during the training.

Internship Record Book

Students must maintain a Training Record Book in which they are to be recorded a summary of daily learning activities what they obtained from the training. The Training Record Book duly supervised by the company supervisor and should be returned to the Faculty after the completion or termination of the internship.

Internship Report and Oral Presentation

At the end of the internship, students should be prepared the internship report according to the guidelines (Appendix 05) and submit it to the departments. The oral presentation is an opportunity for students to share their internship experience with the staff of the faculty. So the students must make an oral presentation based on the report and it will be evaluated by the panel members of the departments.