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Internship Programme

Internship is an applied academic experience conducted under joint faculty and employer supervision. An internship provides the student the opportunity to build upon, apply, and assesses the concepts that are developed through the university’s curriculum and to further the student’s professional growth through a meaningful “real-world” job experience. Internships give you a running start in your chosen career and show employers that you have initiative, experience and are ready for the work force.

Objectives of the Internship Programme

  • Acquiring experience in a real-life work environment.
  • Having the chance to put theory into practice, demonstrating significant understanding of own learning
  • strategies to cope with the requirements of the work environment.
  • Increasing the level of maturity and grasp business culture.
  • Developing vocational and personal skills.
  • Enhancing career opportunities and establishing useful contacts in the industry.
  • Developing, reflecting and evaluating on the strategies to achieve own career goals.
  • Having the opportunity to travel, earn a salary and enjoy an independent and different way of life.

Duration of the Internship Programme

Duration of the Internship Programme is three months which is conducted in final year Second semester of the degree programme.

Process of Placements

Each student’s own responsibility to find an internship placement. In case of finding out placements by the students, they should inform it to the Internship Coordinator and a Placement Confirmation Form (PCF) (Appendix 02) which could be obtained from the Learning Management System (LMS) should be completed and handed over to the Internship Coordinator within one week, after commencing the training. This will help the Coordinator to maintain an updated knowledge about the placement process.

However, the Internship Coordinator also will help the students in finding placements for the training. In this process, the students will be asked to prepare their curriculum vitas which should be handed over to the Coordinator. These curriculum vitaes will be used by the Coordinator to help the students in finding placements in organizations. Once, such placements are found out by the Faculty, open interviews will be organized according to the preference of relevant organizations.

Supervision of the Internship

The entire supervision process will be conducted by Internship Coordinator and Supervisor of the respective companies.

Company Supervisor

The training will be supervised by a supervisor from the organization to which the students are assigned. Depending on the situation, probably the supervisor will be the immediate supervisor of the trainee in the training organization. The supervisor will continuously assess the performance of the interns while the training is going on. A Training Record Book will be issued for each student and the supervisor will supervise it by recording progress of the training fortnightly. It is the responsibility of the students to submit the record book to the supervisor and get it duly recorded by him/her.

Training areas

The emphasis during this practical training period is to provide students with hand on experience in the areas of Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance and Enterprise development. Training will be provided in the suitable public or private sector.