The Faculty of Commerce and Management intended to commence a postgraduate program in Business Administration to cater the needs of the society and the country. The main purpose of this postgraduate programme is to prepare the graduates, who are working in the government and the non-government organizations which are operating in dynamic environment, for fulfilling their expectations by improving their managerial skills for career advancement. Since the current job prospects are skill based employment opportunities and the movement towards knowledge-based economy, the MBA programme has been designed to complement the business knowledge and experience of prospectus candidates by giving them the opportunity to gain a recognized MBA that closely reflects the current market place. As the MBA is a fast-paced, highly specialized course of study it can definitely help ambitious professionals enhance their management potential or increase their success in the job market. The medium of instruction of the MBA programme is English and the duration is of two years.


1st Year of Study

Course Code Subject Credit
MBA 1013 Economics for Managerial Decisions 3
MBA 1023 Project Planning and Implementation 3
MBA 1033 Managing Information and Technology 3
MBA 1043 Marketing Management 3
MBA 1053 Human Resource Management 3
MBA 1063 Financial Management 3
MBA 1073 Operational Research for Managerial Decision Making 3
MBA 1083 Strategic Planning and Management 3
MBA 1093 Operations and Process Management 3
MBA 1103 Organizational Development and Change 3
MBA 1113 Entrepreneurial skill Development 3
MBA 1123 International Trade and Finance 3

2nd Year of Study

Course Code Subject Credit
MBA 2013 Research Methods in Management 3
MBA 2023 Office Psychology 3
MBA 2043 Resource Planning for Regional Development 3
MBA 2053 Overseas Training (Optional) 3

MBA 20612

MBA 20612


OR Skill Report



MBA 2083 Leadership and Personality Development 3
MBA 2093 Disaster Management 3

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