Faculty Board of Commerce and Management, Eastern University, Sri Lanka is the academic authority of the Faculty of Commerce and Management. The major functions of the Faculty Board are regulating the teaching, courses of study, examinations and research within the Faculty subject to the control of the Senate of the University. The Faculty Board is basically a support agency of the Senate and its academic role is very important as most of the recommendations of the Senate are based on reports originating from the Faculty Boards. A Faculty Board headed by a Dean shall consist of the following persons: Professors, Associate Professors, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, two Probationary Lecturer representatives, two student representatives and three external members appointed by the Faculty. At present the following staff members are in the Faculty Board.


Mrs. V. R. Ragel Dean (Chairperson)
Dr. A. Anton Arulrajah Head/ Management
Mr. T. Paranthaman Head/ Commerce
Dr. S. Jeyarajah Head/ Economics
Prof. V. Kanagasingam Prof. in Management
Dr. T. Prabaharan Senior Lecturer Gr. I
Dr. A.Andrew Senior Lecturer Gr. I
Mr. R. Uthayakumar Senior Lecturer Gr. I
Mrs. S. Sritharan Senior Lecturer Gr. I
Dr. S. Balendran Senior Lecturer Gr.I
Mr. A. Soundaralingam Senior Lecturer Gr. I
Mrs. S. Maheswaranathan Senior Lecturer Gr. I
Dr. T. Bhavan Senior Lecturer Gr. I
Mrs. F. B. Kennedy Senior Lecturer Gr.I 
Mr. K. Pushpakaran Senior Lecturer Gr. II
Dr. N. Rajeshwaran Senior Lecturer Gr. II
Mrs. J. Suresh Senior Lecturer Gr. II
Mrs. L. D. Victor Senior Lecturer Gr. II
Mrs. D. Thavakumar Senior Lecturer Gr.II
Dr. (Mrs.) J. Sutha  Senior Lecturer Gr.II
Mr. R. Kishokumar Lecturer (Prob) 
Ms. K. D. G. Priyangika Lecturer (Prob)
Mr. K. Karunaharan Appointed Member
Mr. R. Neduncheliyan Appointed Member
Mr. N. Manivannan Appointed Member
Mr. D. S. Kirupanayagam Student Representative
Ms. P. G. C. L. Darmarathne Student Representative
Mr. R Senthuraan  Assistant Registrar